Friday, September 25, 2009

15th September: The day our life changed forever

Introducing Calvin Oliver Smith. Born 15th September 2009, 6:06pm. Weight 3.235kg. Length 49cm. 

So, here's the story of how our little man came into the world. At 4:30am my waters broke. I had actually got up to tell the dogs to stop barking, when my waters broke halfway down the hall!! Luckily, i didn't get the sudden 'gush' that lots of people get, it was just a trickle. Anyway, by 5:30 we were in hospital, but ironically, after all those weeks of contractions, i didn't go into labour!! They let me go for a couple of hours, as the OB was due to come into the hospital at 7:30. When he came in, they started me on the inducing hormones. I was 4cm by 10am and started on the gas and by lunchtime we decided that i neeeded an epidural. Once i got the epidural, i was able to have a sleep, which was great to prepare me for the afternoon that we had ahead of us. 

At about 3pm they started me pushing, and unfortunately i had a window on my right side which made it quite painful for me. After 2 hours of pushing, they decided to try the vacuum on our little guy, and that was unsuccessful too. They suspected that he was posterior (his head facing the ceiling, rather than the floor, like it should), but they couldn't quite tell because he had so much hair!! Anyway, after trying the vacuum for about half an hour, it was decided forceps wouldn't work so we went for an emergency cesarian. Here he is when he came out - his first photo:

While they were stitching me up, and monitoring my recovery, they took Jeremy and Calvin away to cut the cord, weigh and measure him. 

I was in recovery for about an hour, and Calvin spent the whole time with his hands in his mouth, wanting to be fed!! Once i was back with him, he was straight into it - it was amazing how naturally breastfeeding came to both of us straight away.

Very proud parents!!


  1. Awww beautiful photos and am so glad he arrived safely.Big hugs and wishing you all the best over the coming weeks as you all get to know each other.Enjoy the ride of parenthood as there is nothing better and more fullfilling.

  2. Beautiful story Kylie & Jeremy, he is here safe & sound, that's all that absolutely matter! Gorgeous photo of him being lifted out!! Take care & time to enjoy him & get used to the changes...they're truly all good!! Congratulations & much love to all 3.
    As for Calvin's restless nights, maybe try swaddling, worked a dream for my 3...xoxo

  3. congrats kylie and jeremy!! glad you are both doing well kylie :) hurrah for the epidural!! i wouldnt and couldnt birth my girls without it :) enjoy your time together and remember to smile even when times are tuff :) xox

  4. Congratulations Kylie, he is just precious.

  5. Awww Kylie, he's just such a little sweetie. Yippee for epidurals eh! Glad to hear you and bub are safe and well, and that you are settling into being a family.

  6. WOW those photos are so beautiful Kylie, so happy you are both safe and well and Calvin is just adorable xxxx

  7. Glad for Cal's safe arrival. I thought you must have had a caesarian, when you were talking about the nurses routine. Some of my favourite words were, "we'll book the theatre". What a clever boy for taking the boob so quickly.

  8. Congratulations Kylie! So glad to hear Calvin arrived safe and sound! Looking forward to seeing some gorgeous baby boy layouts soon!! :)


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