Friday, December 25, 2009

Calvin's First Christmas


Merry Christmas everyone!!! We've had a lovely day today up at the property in Broke with Jeremy's imediate family:


Calvin got spoilt rotten of course:


He's SUCH a gorgeous boy!! I love him to bits. He had a lovely Christmas - dressed up as a little reindeer (so cute!!). We were up at about 6:30 for a feed, then our morning consisted of a lovely breakfast with a HUGE fruit platter, followed by present opening and enjoyment over morning tea. Many of us then relaxed, or had a nap before a lovely Christmas lunch of roast turkey!


The afternoon was also quite relaxing with a few games of badmitton, but the most exciting present of all came - rain!!! It is DESPERATELY needed out here!! So dry. I expect it will be much that way up on the farm too, when we get up there next week.

Tomorrow (Boxing Day), we're heading into Newcastle for lunch with some family, then to Singleton for a BBQ with a few of Jeremy's Singleton mates. Sunday we'll relax, and we'll probably head up to the farm Monday or Tuesday. We'll head back to Sydney for Friday or Saturday night when my parents are going to babysit so Jeremy and I can go out for a date!! Dinner and a movie - we're going to go and see the new "Avatar" movie, which we're really looking forward to!! Then back home and into life again :)

I'll leave you with a photo of our little family from today. So sweet :)


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  1. gorgeous photos kylie, yes we do need the rain up this way its awful at the moment. i like the rain :D have a safe trip back home and enjoy your date night!!


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