Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012: Complete

Happy new year fellow bloggers!!! I have been inspired by Ali Edwards and Felicity Wilson this year to join in with the one little word challenge this year. I took my time coming up with my word, but in the end i have come up with:


What does the word 'complete' mean for me and why did i choose it?

I want to feel complete in my everyday life, and most of the time i do - but i want to feel this everyday, making a conscious effort to do so. 

I want the life and world of my little ones to feel complete. I want them to feel secure and not longing for anything.


Creatively, i chose this word is because i am a real 'starter' - not a 'finisher'. I want to change this in 2012, starting with digging out all of the half finished projects i have in my craft cupboard and completing them!!! 

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Quilts that have not yet been quilted!!

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I also have a little 'bet' going with a good knitting friend of mine - to not buy any wool in 2012. Both of us want to start culling our stash, so the aim is to not purchase anything, and use what we've got - and even swap what we have so we can do projects we want to do, if we don't have exactly what we want in our stash!! The first person to cave on our little deal has to buy the other a really expensive, gorgeous skein of sock yarn :D Won't be me (i hope!!!)

What would make 2012 complete for you?


  1. oh i wouldnt be able to go a year without buying scrap stuff so i am sure it would be the same for a knitter with that passion of wool!! good luck Kylie and i like your word :)

  2. Thanks Kate!! Yes, it's going to be hard. I'm trying to do the same thing with my scrapping, but in a slightly different way. I know it's totally unrealistic to try to spend NO money on scrapping, so instead, i'm only letting myself spend any money i make by selling stuff on ebay etc. on scrapping :D Still pretty hard though!!!

  3. I love your word Kylie!
    I did a year without buying scrap stuff and now I am in my happy scrappy place...using as I go without trying to over complicate things...which fits in with my 2012 word which is SIMPLIFY!

    Now let's see if this year is a lot more simple ;-)


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