Thursday, July 29, 2010

A busy week away

It was a busy week last week! Jeremy had to go away to a course with work, so my parents suggested that Calvin and I came down to Sydney for the week so I wouldn't be on my own. So, Monday arvo we made the trek back to Sydney.

Calvin still went to daycare on Monday, even though it was only for a few hours!! It was the first time he got upset when I left him and it was pretty heartbreaking for me. He was fine though, and it was probably good that this coincided with him only being there for half a day I think.

Monday night was spent with just mum and dad and I enjoying a very rare dinner of the three of us. Really lovely. Tuesday I borrowed mums car and headed back to the gong where I caught up with lots of friends and stayed the night at Jess's place (with thanks to Martina for the lend of the port-a-cot). Wednesday morning I got to catch up with my old bible study group and them spent the afternoon with my sister. Back to Sydney with mum and dad from Wednesday night on.

(it was very cold on Wednesday morning in Wollongong, so Calvin made use of a nice thick coat)

Thursday was a very busy day - Mum, Calvin and I went into North Sydney so dad could show Calvin off at work. After which, we went into the QVB for lunch and a spot of shopping. When we returned, Jenny (Jeremy's mum) had arrived - she was joining us for the rest of our trip so she could spend some time with Calvin too!!!

(it was even colder going into the city on Thursday morning - so lucky he had a lovely new beanie knitted by grandma!!!)

Friday was a nice quiet day at home with Jenny and Calvin, and then I went into the city to the Opera House with dad that night. We saw the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and it was really great!!

Saturday afternoon i went out to Kings Langly with Jenny and Calvin to a cellar tea for one of Jeremy's cousin's fianc├ęs (6 degrees separation, as usual with Jeremy's huge family!!!). It was lovely to catch up with the relos and Calvin seemed to enjoy all the attention!!!

(Calvin with Zosia - note how he is clapping his hands!! He's been doing that heaps lately!!)

(Calvin had TONES of fun chasing this balloon towards the end of the party)

We flew back Sunday afternoon and it was very sad to say goodbye again :(

Since we've been back, we have been flat out purchasing a house!!! It's a lovely big house in Springfield, which is out in the Ipswich area. It's 4 bedrooms, double garage and has a HUGE backyard. Plus it's opposite a park and an easy walk from a shopping center. Talk about a dream house!!! It's a bit run down - needs painting and new carpet, plus we need to landscape as it is just grass in the backyard (no problems for Jeremy!!!), but it's going to suit us perfectly - and all for the bargain price of $340,000!!! Down from $379,000!!! We play hard ball. We'll probably be in by Calvin's birthday, which will be nice because we can have it at the park across the road!!!

The last couple of weeks gas been made extra stressful by Calvin not sleeping very well. He has GOT to get some teeth soon!!! Here's hoping that he sleeps well tonight.

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