Wednesday, October 13, 2010

$20 Kmart Challenge

OK, i've just joined Aussie Mummy Bloggers and they have a challenge at the moment to win a $20 Kmart voucher! The challenge is to look through the latest Kmart catalogue and find items for the family for under $20! So, after a bit of flicking and clicking, here's what i came up with:

Firstly i'd have to get Calvin one of the A-Z racing rascals for $5. Being a 1 year old boy, anything with wheels gives a big smile and entertains for hours! He got one of these for his birthday and he just loves it, so it would be nice for him to have a couple. I love watching him move it around him making little 'brumm' noises - amazing how they know what noise a car makes at such a young age, isn't it!!

Whenever i want to get a treat for my lovely husband, it's always socks. Basic i know, but they way to his heart is through a new pair of socks. None in this catalogue, but i reckon i could get at least 1 pair for $5. That should keep the man of the house happy!!

And for me, i can't go past getting some photos printed! I am an avid scrapbooker, so i can never have too many printed photos. At 15c each, i could get 133 printed for $20!!! But i'm not spending the whole lot on myself, so maybe just 20 photos for $3.

I've still got $7 left and everyone is happy. Something we all enjoy doing is a late Saturday afternoon DVD at home. Last week we watched Shrek, so it might be Shrek 2 this weekend!! Better spend the last $7 on some microwave popcorn, lollies and chocolate. Chocolate bars are only $1, so that's $2 for my husband and i to have one each (bubs is too young - only 1!!) I'll have a flake and my husband will have a cherry ripe. $2 will get us a pack of natural confectionary company snakes - we can all enjoy them, since there are no colourings in them!! And the remaining $3 will get us a pack of microwave popcorn.

What a bargain!! A toy, socks, photos, chocolate bars, lollies AND microwave popcorn all for $20. I think i'd better head to Kmart...


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