Thursday, January 13, 2011


Life has been MAD for me lately. Busy, busy busy. It's been about a month since my last post. Not much scrapping has happened in that time, I think i've done 2 pages so far this year. I really need to keep a running tally this year - i aim to do it every year, but for some reason it always goes by the wayside :(

I still haven't finished uploading all 25 days of Christmas, so i guess that would be a good place to start!!

13/12: Just Chillin'


Not much going on today - no one was feeling great, so we just 'hung around' the house. It's so cute how Calvin walks around with his blankie on days like this.

14/12: Reading before bed


This is something we do everynight at the moment, so i thought it was nice to capture it. We read 3 stories, the last is always "Time for Bed" by Mem-Fox.

15/12: Cooling down in the backyard


There's nothing better on a summer day in Brisbane!

16/12: Playgroup Christmas Party


What a great time Calvin had at his Playgroup Christmas party. He played hard, then ate with just as much vigour. He was HYPER afterwards - i guess chocolate crackles and fairy bread is a bit much for him!!

17/12: Santa Photo


This is clearly not the santa photo. But, i haven't scanned it yet, so this is a pickie of him all dressed up for it. So cute!!

18/12: Wrapping & Packing!


I wrapped ALL of the pressents this day, and we did all of the packing for our big trip!! The car was PACKED!!!

19/12: On the Road


Naturally with the doggies!!! We drove to Manilla from Brizzy on our first day. It was a VERY long day. A section of the road was closed so we had to detour an extra hour. We eventually go there at about 8pm.

20/12: Catching up with Family


Here's Calvin with his second cousin, Sarah on the farm. We drove from Manilla to Sydney this day, via Broke - Jeremy's parents place, where we stopped for lunch. It was another very long day of driving, but more broken up than the previous day, and filled with relief as we reached our final destination!!

21/12: Out to Dinner


Something we always end up doing when we are in Sydney is taking Calvin out for dinner - Grandma and Grandad just LOVE to show him off at the local restaurants. Dad usually takes him for a little walk afterwards. Such a lovely picture with the lighting!!

22/12: Playing at Grandma's


Calvin had a BALL playing at grandma's - new toys!! Well, toys that we played with as kids, but new to him!! And there's always a doggie around at grandma's. Indie took a particular fancy to Calvin while we were down this time, and she just followed him around the whole time!!!

23/12: ??

I have to track down a photo for this day - we were down in Wollongong without Calvin, who was being looked after by Grandma. Everyone was happy :P

24/12: Swimming with Grandad


This was just one of many swims that were had while we were in Sydney. Calvin was in the pool almost every day with Grandad! Even if it was just dipping his feet in.

Phew! I'm exhausted. Christmas day another time i think!!! A quick recap of what's happened since then though:

  • We drove back to Broke and spent a few days there with Jeremy's family, even getting down to Newcastle to visit the grandparents!
  • We spent New Year's Eve back at the farm - a very pleasant way to bring in the new year - 3 swims in one day, including one at 9pm!!
  • Home at last on New Year's Day. Very glad to be home after 2 weeks away!!
  • Same old until...
  • Flooding!! Brisbane got hit with terrible floods this week. Jeremy was sent home from work, and Calvin was sent home from childcare Tuesday lunch. Jeremy has been home since - probably going back next week. We have been SOOOO blessed to not be evacuated, blocked in or loose power, unlike many in the suburbs around us. It's been tricky to get groceries, but things seem to be improving now.
Please pray for those affected by the floods. It's totally devastating up here, and the mood is grim to say the least. The real problems will start soon when the waters recede and people have to return to their homes and the harsh reality of what has happened hits.

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