Friday, August 19, 2011

A Slice of Pie

Here's a pattern i've created based on two different sock patterns i've used recently. "Pie Socks" and "Leftover Socks" - both were sourced from Ravelry. I just love the heel flap on the pie socks, and the functionality of the leftover socks. My second child was born 5 weeks premie, and i've had a lot of trouble buying socks to fit her feet - they were really long and really skinny, so i've been doing a lot of sock knitting since she was born!!! Here's what this pattern ends up looking like:



Isn't the heel flap detail devine? Just love it!!! Well, onto the pattern.

Size: Newborn (foot length can be varied though, so it could probably be used for up to 6 months or so - adjusting needle size would create larger sizes too, but i haven't experimented with it yet)

Needles: 2.75mm. I've written the pattern to be knitted using two sets of circulars.

Yarn: Any 4 ply would work with this pattern

Abbreviations: ST = Stitch(es); K = Knit; P=Purl; YO=Yarn Over; P2tog = Purl 2 Together; SSK = Slip-Slip-Knit (slip 2 stitches knitwise, return to left needle, and knit them together through the back); S1 = Slip indicated number of stitches purl wise (unless otherwise noted)



Cast on 32ST using long-tail cast on (or any elastic cast on). Distribute 16ST per circular and join into round, placing marker for beginning of round if desired.

Work 22 rounds of K2P2 ribbing, starting with K1, P2, and ending with K1, so that the first and last ST on each circular is knit.

Heel Flap

Work on next 16ST (stitches on first circular)

Rows 1, 5 and 9 [RS]: [S1, K1] to end
Rows 2 and all even rows to 10 [WS]: S1, purl to end
Rows 3 and 7 [RS]: S1 [S1, K1] to last ST, K1

After these 10 rows, turn heel.

Turn Heel

S1, K8, SSK, K1, turn
S1, P3, P2tog, P1, turn
S1, K4, SSK, K1, turn
S1, P5, P2tog, P1, turn
S1, K6, P2tog, K1, turn
S1, P7, P2tog, P1, turn


Row 1: K10, pick up 8ST along left edge heel. Work 16ST rib as established.
Row 2: Pick up 8ST along right edge heel and knit across to last 3ST on needle. K2tog, K1. Work 16ST rib as established.
Row 3: K1, SSK, K to end of needle. Work 16ST rib as established.
Row 4: K across to last 3ST, K2tog, K1. Work 16ST rib as established.
Continue decreasing, repeating rows 3 and 4 until 32ST remain in total (16 on each circular)


K16, Rib 16 as established until foot is ~ 1 inch (2.5cm) from desired length.


[K1, SSK, K10, K2tog, K1] twice
2 rounds knit
[K1, SSK, K8, K2tog, K1] twice
1 round knit
[K1, SSK, K6, K2tog, K1] twice
1 round knit
[K1, SSK, K4, K2tog, K1] twice
[K1, SSK, K2, K2tog, K1] twice

Use kitchener stitch to join the 6 stitches on each needle and weave in ends.

I hope you enjoy knitting this pattern. I've found it to be super quick, easy and satisfying. I hope you do to!!!

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