Friday, July 24, 2009

Holy Tolledo Batman - That's Not Our Kitchen!!!!!

Well, we just couldn't believe our eyes when we got home yesterday and took a peek at our new kitchen floor - it's AMAZING!!! Why didn't we do it years ago? (because we couldn't quite afford it...and we didn't have a little one on the way wwho was going to scrap his knees on the concrete as soon as he tried to crawl...). It really is beyond what we could have imagined - we have never been so happy with anything in our house (well, it seems that way after every major reno, doesn't it?!?!).

We got so inspired that we raced down to Bunnings that night to pick some paint to finish the other 3 walls in the room, before we put all the furniture back. The tilers initially told us that we'd be able to use the space again the next day (today), but yesterday they asked us to wait and extra day, so we figured what's *another* day, in the grand sc

I'll have some better pictures over the weekend, when i can actually go in and walk on the floor (these shots were just taken from the doorway...)

If you're not doing anything tonight, you should head on over to ScrapBoutique for their annual birthday WEEK LONG cybercrop - it's going to be unreal!! It will be kicked off tonight with a speed scrap from 8pm!

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