Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My kitchen is all over my house!!

We're having our kitching/dining room/laundry tiled tomorrow, so the contents of the area are all over our house!! Because our garage is under the house, it's much more convienient to put stuff around the house and deal with it for a couple of days than it is to move everything to the garage! Check it out - here's the now empty room:

And our 'nursery' is has our freezer, washing machine and dishwasher packed into it:

Our living room is crowded with our fridge, computer and 'island' unit from our kitchen (plus tea and coffee making facilities, as well as a toaster - so we're set for a living room breakfast tomorrow!!)

Our bedroom has our buffet unit plus the drawers from our 'island' unit, along with a couple of chairs and bits and pieces.

And my craft room is stacked with heaps of random stuff, like our wine racks, and bits of the laundry. The dining table and chairs got sent down to the garage, along with a bit more of our laundry. Thankfully it's only for 2 nights - We should be right to walk on the tiles on Friday, and hence move everything back in. I hope we don't have too much trouble getting everything moved back in!!

We've been looking forward to doing this for ages now - we've been in the house almost 3 years and living with a floor consisting of 3 separate floors - 2 concrete floors with very dodgy brick joining, and a timber floor in the corner (we think this was the original kitchen). It's just amazing what you can live with, i've learnt through this house!! We didn't even have a laundry until 6 months ago!! But, with bubs on the way, we really needed to get it all sorted. I might even have a linen closet one of these days...


  1. omg Kylie, thank gosh it is only 2 nights.Hopefully, you don't have any probs with everything and all goes smoothly.

  2. Oh Kylie, I know what you're going through hun. My house is in this state quite often with work going on everywhere. Can't wait to see the "after" photo :)

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm definately going to have to post some after shots on the weekend - they make such great scrap pages too!!


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