Sunday, December 5, 2010

The first few days of Christmas

Every year, i see beautiful mini albums of the 12 days of Christmas or all of December etc. So, this year i'm determined to do one!! So, for the 25 days of Christmas i will be taking photos, collecting bits and pieces etc. - doing something Christmassy every day!! Here's my progress so far:

1/12: Trimming the tree


Calvin was a lot less interested in putting the tree up than i thought he would be. He did, however love it when i put the baubles up - and he started taking them down and leaving them all around the house immediately!! His favourite ornaments are these little red ones shown above, and cute little fluffy dog and cat ones i got free with dog food a couple of years ago!! He also showed intense interest in all of the bells i like hang off the doors!!

2/12: Making Christmas Cards at Playgroup

I've yet to take a photo of this, but Calvin 'made' a Christmas card at Playgroup today. It was the first time he had used stickers and he mastered them very quickly!!! Clever boy. After playgroup we had lunch with Belinda and Bridget - Sushi. Not very Christmassy, but Calvin certainly enjoyed his first sushi experience!!

3/12: Kissing Rudolph


Calvin was so cute with this little Rudolph toy today. When you press his foot he starts 'ho, ho, ho'-ing and it turns into ecstatic laughter, which Calvin finds hilarious and he tries to copy!! So cute. After playing with him for a bit he picked him up and kissed him on the nose!! Calvin went to daycare today and Jeremy and I went and saw Harry Potter together (Jeremy took the day off work). Great day out together - how lucky are we - 2 dates within a week (our anniversary was last week!!).

4/12: Finished the Christmas Newsletter

I try to have all of the Christmas cards finished and posted by 1st December each year, but it rarely happens!! I've made most of my cards this year, so that made it even more tricky!! Today i finished the newsletter, at long last. It was quite a drawn-out process this year, with computer issues and continual interruptions from Calvin!! We had a 'sick-day' today, with Calvin being a bit out of sorts. He mostly just lazed around on the couch with myself or Jeremy all day, not wanting to do much. It rained almost all day too, which made it even more miserable. An excellent day to spend at the computer on such a task!!

5/12: A Trip to the City!


Today we went to the city to see all of the lovely trimmings and do a bit of Christmas shopping. Here's Calvin having a great time sitting on the edge of a garden of Poinsettias with a lovely metallic angel in the background. Of course he is wearing a very Christmassy shirt with Rudolph on it (do you get the idea that i like reindeers yet?!?!) which is a little bit sparkly :) Calvin loved looking at all the trees and decorations everywhere, and even had a little wander around Queen Street Mall holding mum's hand. Jeremy got a haircut and looks really great now - he really needed it!!

Planned activities for the days to come include finishing and posting the Christmas cards, visiting people, cooking, getting a photo with Santa and all sorts of other things!!! Hope you can join me for the ride :)

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