Sunday, December 12, 2010

Up to the 12th day of Christmas already?!?!

As if this year hasn't flown by quickly enough, this month is absolutely flying too!! Just one more week until we hit the road, heading down to Sydney for Christmas with my family. I can't wait!!

6/12: Finished all the Christmas Cards


Well, it seemed like it took forever, but i managed to make 38 cards this year - though this wasn't quite enough, so some people only received bought cards (sorry if you're one of them!!!). I think i sent about 50 cards this year, all with a newsletter included of course!!

7/12: Water fun - a must in an Aussie summer!!

Well Calvin had a ball this morning (excuse the pun!!). It seems that the ball pit was left open overnight and one side had a couple of inches of water from the rain!! Calvin and i spotted it at the same time, but he was just way too quick and in he went! Instead of grabbing him out straight away and taking him in to dry and change him, i went and got the camera. He was just having way too much fun to stop him!!


8/12: Nora Bailey's Funeral

Today was filled with all sorts of emotions. Nora, my aunt's mother in law, passed away last week. She was an old lady of 92, but certainally didn't seem it. We all sort of thought she'd be around forever - she was so much a part of the furniture in the Bailey's household. She was such a lovely lady with a really fabulous sense of humour. Boy did she love Calvin and Jeremy!! She'd always ask me when i was bringing Jeremy over because she was going to steal him off me if i wasn't careful!!

Her funeral was really lovely and afterwards we went back to my aunt's house and had a bit of lunch and just spent some time together. It's been a bit tricky to get over to see my aunt as she's about 45 minutes away from where i am now so it's a real day trip getting over to see her! Unfortunately she doesn't get over to see me much so if i want to see her i usually need to go to her, but that's ok. It was lovely to spend some family time together. Calvin had a great time playing with toys that i remember playing with as a child!


9/12: Posting the Christmas Cards

I didn't know how i was going to do it, but i managed to get a photo of Calvin posting a Christmas card!! Perfect for the album, and he was pretty chuffed with himself too!! Unfortunately it was taken on my iPhone so the quality isn't fabulous, but it's good enough for me!!


10/12: Daycare Christmas Party

11/12: Watching Dad Mow the Lawn


This photo just speaks for itself doesn't it!?!?!

12/12: Piano performance by Trinity and Bridget

Today Jeremy's cousin's family came over for a piano 'performance'. I've been teaching the girls piano this term, and they have come a long way!! It was really just a great chance to hang out as a family - and to finally meet Brent!! Trinity played us about 4 songs in the end, and Bridget played 1 - though we really had to coax it out of her!! In the end, she was bribed with a lolly :)


Here's the girls with Calvin in front of our tree. Calvin did NOT want to sit with the girls - he just wasn't himself today. Turns out that he's either teething or has a virus because he spewed up at dinner. Hope he's feeling better tomorrow because i'd like to get some SANTA PHOTOS done tomorrow!!

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