Friday, May 6, 2011

No point crying over spilt milk?

I can't believe the morning i have had today - it was just one thing after another!! I was already behind the 8 ball thanks to having to sleep on Calvin's floor for at least an hour overnight and then he slept in again!! This is the second Friday he's sleep until 6:30 - i think we really have to start setting an alarm on my work days!!

Things were going ok until Calvin decided to take ages to have breakfast and all the sudden it was 8am - that's when i usually leave for work!!! I was just about to jump in the shower when Calvin grabbed one of the milk bottles i was filling up for him for daycare and spilt it all over him and all over the kitchen!!! I grabbed him quickly and we both jumped in the shower together - which always turns a 5 minute shower into 20-30 minutes!

It wasn't 9:20 until i dropped him off and i had already decided by that stage that work was a no-go. I am totally exhausted and the last thing i wanted today was another boring day at work. The last 2 weeks i haven't had anything to do at work, and it's made it very boring. I'm seriously considering resigning right now - it's getting a bit much being pregnant, looking after a toddler and working 2 days - it's not leaving much time for anything really!! I think the end of June will definately be the longest i'll work.

On a much nicer note, i'm very close to finishing my little dress for my little girl, and i even bought some matching leggings yesterday. Check out how perfect the lace work on the front is!!


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