Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My life in numbers

1 - we've been in Brisbane for 1 year now. It's gone so quick!!! We've made lots of friends in that time and watched Calvin grow so much. We're very comfortable now in our house and neighbourhood, though we still miss Wollongong so much!!!

2 - this is the second day of serious potty training with Calvin. Yesterday morning he said to me "Potty mummy potty mummy!!!!" He sat on the potty and did a wee straight away!!!! I put him in undies for the day and we only had 1 accident - right before dinner when he was quite distracted by daddy working on the garden out the front. Pretty awesome!!! I've sent him to daycare today with no nappies. Can't wait to see how he goes!!

3 - i'm planning on finishing work at the end of next week, so i only have 3 more days of working left

4 - i've finished 4 pairs of socks so far this year :D

6 - The last Harry Potter is out in just 6 days!!! Can't wait!!! Jeremy and i are going to go together on the first Tuesday i have off from work. Calvin will be in daycare and we'll just love going on a 'date' together. I think we've seen all but the first movie together :D

7 - Jeremy and i will have been married for 7 years this year. Where did THAT time go?

21 - Calvin is 21 months old now and such a big boy!!!

22 - the number of invitations i've made so far for Sarah's wedding

42 - the number of invitations i need to make for Sarah's wedding

28 - i'm now 28 weeks in this pregnancy and definitely feeling it!! Finding it hard to sleep at night because she's kicking me in the hips either side!! Very hard to get comfy. Getting tired very quickly now too - did the groceries yesterday morning and that totally wore me out!!!

70 - I am so thankful for my old Nikon D70 digital SLR. Dad gave it to me when he got his new one, and even though it's like 8-9 years old, it still works perfectly and challenges me with my photography all the time. One of my goals this year was to use it at least once a week. Not sure if i've done that, but i'd certainly be close!!! I'll leave you now with one of the gorgeous pics of Calvin i took with it on the weekend:


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